Beginner Clinics

Beginner Clinics are designed to get you started with all of the basics you’ll need to know to start flyfishing and confidently moving forward on your own.

This is a full day session. We’ll spend the morning as a ‘class-time’ session going over important items you’ll need to know to be successful on the water. After a lunch break, we’ll finish the day on the river applying the techniques you’ve learned.

 *The Illinois can be subject to varying flow conditions. If necessary, we will adjust the day’s itinerary to get some time on the water during a fishable part of the release schedule.

Class size is limited to 4 anglers to ensure each participant gets some individual instruction. Also with current Covid concerns, we want to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

Each angler will need to bring their own rod, waders and boots. Leaders (if needed), tippet and flies will be supplied. You’ll also need a valid Oklahoma Fishing License.


  • Rod Setup
  • Knots you should know
  • Line, Leader and Tippet
  • Types of lines and leaders and best uses
  •  Casting and when to use certain types of cast
  • Mending
  • Hook setting and landing fish
  • Basic Entymology and Fly selection
  • Native Fish vs. Stocked Hatchery Fish
  • Reading Water
  • Water Dynamics and basic hydrology
  • Covering Water and locating fish
  • River Safety
  • Understanding Tailwater dynamics and data
  • Wading and doing so safely
  • Environmental Concerns- cleaning your gear
  • Class is $50/Angler with a minimum class size of 2

PRivate Instruction

I’ll cover all of the same topics and itinerary of the Beginner’s class except in a one-to-one private session. If you choose, you may bring a partner such as your spouse (encouraged – inquire about our couples rate). We’re totally willing to customize this trip to your needs if you’d like to bring additional anglers. 

You’ll need to provide your own equipment as stated above. Streamside deli lunch will be provided as well as beverages. Please advise as to any allergies or aversions. (i.e vegetarian, diabetic, dairy intolerance, etc..)  

  •  One on One instruction 
  • Improve your weak points
  • Leader, Tippet & Flies provided
  • Streamside Lunch
  • Laid back- no stress , we’ll work at your pace, not a classes’
  • Day session 150$ for 1-2 Anglers – 50$/Additional Angler to custom size your group (up to 4)